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A collection of some of my personal stories.

Realtors I Know


I’ve had the good pleasure of encountering a ton of realtors through my 27 years to date here in Portland, Oregon. And while times are surely changing with the shift in technologies, both in how we all do paperwork, and surely how we communicate, I thought I’d share some perspective of our brothers and sisters […]

Don’t Be a Turkey

IMG_4140 2

Here in Chicken Town………..Bridgetown……….er……..the Rose City, we got Chickens.  They are quite common, especially in SE Portland.  You see them everywhere it seems like.  Everyone has a chicken, or maybe every Chicken has an everyone…….something like that I suppose. Zipping thru SE Portland this past Saturday during our monsoon storm, where by the way what […]

Sort of Nitpicking Here on My Part


One of my favorite cars is the line of Tesla’s.  Ground breaking.  Cool. Totally gnarly.  Totally awesome too.  And then sort of Eco-Green in a way, surely from the use of fuel.   Probably not so Eco-Green when one thinks of the impact of simply manufacturing the vehicles, and so on in relative terms to […]