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Core PDX realty practices sustainable and green real estate practices for the Portland Oregon area. Contact us today if you are looking to sell your Portland home. Our Portland seller agents are here for you. In addition to selling your Portland property we also specialize in buyer services and Portland property management.

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The Importance of Maintenance

housing maintenance

While I do not know every cause of the current “housing crises” in Portland, and certainly do not have all of the answers, I have seen a contributing factor during my day-to-day life as Realtor, property manager, and construction manager. The effect that deferred maintenance and landlords that are unwilling (or perhaps in some cases […]

Don’t Be a Turkey

IMG_4140 2

Here in Chicken Town………..Bridgetown……….er……..the Rose City, we got Chickens.  They are quite common, especially in SE Portland.  You see them everywhere it seems like.  Everyone has a chicken, or maybe every Chicken has an everyone…….something like that I suppose. Zipping thru SE Portland this past Saturday during our monsoon storm, where by the way what […]

Sort of Nitpicking Here on My Part


One of my favorite cars is the line of Tesla’s.  Ground breaking.  Cool. Totally gnarly.  Totally awesome too.  And then sort of Eco-Green in a way, surely from the use of fuel.   Probably not so Eco-Green when one thinks of the impact of simply manufacturing the vehicles, and so on in relative terms to […]

The Wood worm Beetle


How cool is this…….no long story here, just a photo in a house that I have listed, of wood flooring that is sustainable…….or just re-claimed and re-used. The owners of this house did an extraordinary renovation, the quality is superb, and even down to the last detail, it’s all fantastic. But for me, the coolest […]