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Portland Oregon just is Cool This is just a beautifully made and time lapsed style video.  My hat is off to the videographer who laced this together.   What great creativity.  A nice blend of background music, and the narration is just a perfect mix too.  After watching this video, if you aren’t pumped up to be a Portlander, I’m […]

Sort of Nitpicking Here on My Part


One of my favorite cars is the line of Tesla’s.  Ground breaking.  Cool. Totally gnarly.  Totally awesome too.  And then sort of Eco-Green in a way, surely from the use of fuel.   Probably not so Eco-Green when one thinks of the impact of simply manufacturing the vehicles, and so on in relative terms to […]

Staging a Listing-Time Value of Money I think this is a really good article & synopsis to read.  I hear agents/realtors say both sides, but the key here isn’t a bigger price, it’s a quicker sale. Quicker sale means quicker access to the equity of a property, which in time value of money means greater return on investment.  For a […]