Car Guys Unite

Not going to be a long blog here at all……just have a few comments about cars, and my Edge.  My Edge that is, not me being on the Edge.

I want all of my 3 readers to know this…..I’m a car guy.  I like them all.  Doesn’t matter who the maker is, nor the type of car or truck for that matter, what continent it was made on, if they make it, there is bound to be something I like about it…….except the Think, I hate it.  Hideous little thing…..but I like the electric part about it…….

My daily drive is a Ford Edge Sport, comes with some slick rims, gives the rig a sporty look, but at a price…….but what this little note is really about is Landmark Ford.  This is a dealership that just kills it in their service dept.  They are open to midnight, 6 days a week.  Whenever I have had the need for service or maintenance, they rock it, get it in then out, and I’m on the road again.  Plus the whole darn crew down there is just super nice, professional, and a bit down home in approach most of all.   I’m a fan of any business who treats me like family and these folks are superstars at their craft!

Landmark Ford, I’m a customer for life.  





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