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Whether a single family house, condo, or a 50 unit apartment building, EVERY property, every owner, is as important to us as if WE owned the property.

It is our desire as a professional property management firm to make your investment as profitable as possible.
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We would consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to discuss our services in detail with you and show you how your property will be managed by Core, Realtors.

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The Importance of Maintenance

housing maintenance

While I do not know every cause of the current “housing crises” in Portland, and certainly do not have all of the answers, I have seen a contributing factor during my day-to-day life as Realtor, property manager, and construction manager. The effect that deferred maintenance and landlords that are unwilling (or perhaps in some cases […]

Portland Oregon just is Cool This is just a beautifully made and time lapsed style video.  My hat is off to the videographer who laced this together.   What great creativity.  A nice blend of background music, and the narration is just a perfect mix too.  After watching this video, if you aren’t pumped up to be a Portlander, I’m […]

Holy Toledo-Not Ohio I Dare Say

Portland property management

Not much really can move me in property management concerns.  I’ve seen and heard just about all I can ever imagine…..until I walked thru a property last week.  And this is a new one for sure, top 10, top notch, best of 5, almost numero uno…….ok, I hope by now you get it…….this is ground […]