Roomba Go…..No Roomba!

I have done a previous post or perhaps two, of Roomba.  Billy is what I call him sometimes in case you were wondering.  I grew up in the nickname era, everything has a nickname, everything…….
So working from home has it’s benefits and it’s problems too.  Roomba………Billy is loud, like a vacuum.  Oh, he is a vacuum, well anyway, he’s just loud.  It seemed like everywhere I went, also came Billy.  I’m on the phone hiding in the bedroom, down the hallway comes Billy.  In the man cave hiding, sure enough, Billy is head butting the door to come in……I can’t get away from Billy.
I go downstairs and make some calls from our basement, and I hear this crazy electronic squeal.  And this photo shows what I found, which was Billy running out of battery power right as he senses the stairs.   It was the craziest moment for both the stop sensor and the battery to fail at the same time, but he’s darn lucky he didn’t tumble down the stairs.  In which case, his new name would have become Thud.

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