PIL Tennis 2015, Districts is here

Two sons, four years each of high school, spread across 9 years of tennis……

Somewhere along the way, and roughly 150 high school matches later, all the dual matches are done.  We’ve watched both sons play a lot of tennis, and as of three days ago, it still hasn’t really hit me, but we’ll not watch another high school dual match with a son on court.  We’ll have a few more matches to enjoy, districts to come this week, hopefully a birth to State, and then it’ll really be done-done.  So I must say, it’s really time to savor these final two weeks for sure. 

My wife and I, together we’ve had a very unique seat, an opportunity if you will.  Oldest son thru Wilson, youngest thru Lincoln.  It’s been fun as heck to see each boy in both schools, academically and athletically.  During this latest tour with the youngest, Lincoln took a minor detour the prior three years into the Metro League, but for 2015, the reinstatement of PIL (Portland Intersholastic League) has been a bit of a ceremony in mind for me in particular.  Grant High had also did their walk-a-bout thru the Three Rivers League, but with all schools together again, it just feels right.  I really hope things move back to where they were, and well beyond as we all move into the future.

Some reflections though on 2015 and the PIL, the move for most of the schools from 4A and 5A to 6A, to join Lincoln and Grant again into one PIL I know was rough.  It’s a big jump from one level to the next.  Some notable observations for me goes like this: 

Well done to Grant for a stunning improvement from last year. Top to bottom, a super solid team.  Lincoln of course, have to say when I was on the onsite looking in (when the oldest son was at Wilson), I wasn’t sure my perception on it’s tennis….but this past four years, really good work gents, really good work.   Benson, something about these kids, I find thetm to be respectful and articulate, and just pleasant to be around.  Franklin, what a great tennis setting, and a wonderful turnaround story for sure.  Cleveland, with the closing of Eastmoreland Racquet Club, I know that hurts for sure, but Alex Rovello is looking down upon you all, keep fighting hard.   Roosevelt……I didn’t make that match, but with the kickoff of a tennis program there in full bloom, I’m hopeful many great seasons to come.  And now Wilson, as I had a great one year stint there as an asst to it’s current coach, so I know this very well, your coach is a gem gentlemen, soak up the time with him, and I promise you won’t regret it.

So onward to Districts we go, and so we’ll see a few balls fly at Gabriel Park, which is the tennis gem of parks in the entire metro area.  Stop by this coming week if you want to see roughly 200 boys and girls working hard on court.  And if I see me there, don’t hesitate to say hi. 




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