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Realtors I Know


I’ve had the good pleasure of encountering a ton of realtors through my 27 years to date here in Portland, Oregon. And while times are surely changing with the shift in technologies, both in how we all do paperwork, and surely how we communicate, I thought I’d share some perspective of our brothers and sisters […]

The Importance of Maintenance

housing maintenance

While I do not know every cause of the current “housing crises” in Portland, and certainly do not have all of the answers, I have seen a contributing factor during my day-to-day life as Realtor, property manager, and construction manager. The effect that deferred maintenance and landlords that are unwilling (or perhaps in some cases […]

Is Negotiation Dead?

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ne·go·ti·a·tion nəˌɡōSHēˈāSH(ə)n/ Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement…………….it’s all but dead here in Portland, Oregon in 2016! Why do I say that? OK, I’ll hop on my high horse and explain. It’s really just my perspective on how us realtors are dealing with each other in transactions.   Somewhere along this incredible run up, through arguably […]

DIY Landlords


I just read an interesting article, proffered by a national real estate franchise operation.   I continue to marvel at the length of experts in the field of property management, who have view points that just don’t add up.  Let me explain about this one…………so what the author suggests is that professional property managers are […]