Who Got Jaxx?

I got Jaxx!
There still is a little kid in me, a lot of little kid in fact……so I did what any kid would do, I pulled out all the stops to get bean bags……but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t quite talk my wife into an “all out” man cave of various bean bag chairs……..but I managed to wear her down and get her to agree to Jaxx……stylish in a 1960-1970’s way, bean bag like, but a foam filled chair/couch/lounge style furniture.   Call it what you will, I think it’s the modern day version of a bean bag…….that wives across America will surely approve……….
They have a “should be in a brick loft in NYC” look to them now that I have them all “assembled”, and they come with some really interesting things characteristics……….like Made in America (Atlanta to be exact) and some really nifty packaging telling the story and bios on folks who make them all in a nice little newsletter format…..on recycled paper :)!
Then there is also a really cool packaging scenario because if you look at the image in this blog, the duffel bag to the left side is what that chair came in, the whole thing in fact including ottoman…….and once you opened it up, poof, it literally went from an oblong pile of goo into what you see now in about 20 minutes.  I had the final cover on the pieces in about another 5 minutes, and it was literally an instant room of furniture, all from basically 3 large duffel bags.  Take that Ikea and your 500 pages of crazy diagrams, and screws and allen wrenches……
The vacuum packaging was interesting too, not as tightly sealed as I would have expected, but tight enough, to somehow get packaging like this clear across the country……………..just from the aspect of engineering on this alone is worth it to me to see it in action as they expanded.
Go here if you have any interest in this product and/or company……www.jaxxbeanbags.com……….I’m glad I did.  Now if I can just get my torn hamstring to cooperate, I’ll be chilling in those chairs real soon……..

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