Tennis Heaven

Arguable the greatest tennis court ever, is in Portland Oregon.  It’s not the court, greatness of courts are in many many places.  I’ve played on the clay in Jamaica, that was cool, the clay and grass of Palm Springs, that was cool, and on the hardcourts of so many places, it all starts to get blurry………

This court, it’s the surroundings, the essence, it’s just a little slice of tennis heaven.   And it’s my secret.  Well, not really just mine, I’m just a guest, but an honored guest, as the use of it, has been via friends, and I have to just say, it’s been grand, and I’m just a lucky dude is all I can say.

Cedar trees and ravines surround this court.   A good portion of the fence surrounding the court is covered by foliage (I have to say I’m a plant idiot so I don’t know what it is, but it’s amazing, as it’s grown thru the chain link fence in all directions), so the smell of spring/summer/fall is just delicious…….then they go and resurface it, and make it even better.   Grainy, super slow, brilliant US Open colors, Rafa here I come……..

Gotta say……..if you love the game of tennis, this court would put a smile on the face of Ebenezer Scrooge……and if you are too young to know who this is, well then……..I guess that makes me old enough to know.


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