Property Owners Be Very Careful

We manage a fair amount of properties.  A lot of the owners want us to pay the tax bill, so our firm is the “tax record owner”.  So in addition to getting the annual county tax bills, we get all the letters that people send direct to the owner of record to buy “your” property. In short, I have a huge collection of the stupidest solicitations. Today’s takes the cake.  It’s attached as the image to this blog.  Zoom it if you can.
In fairness to the person who wrote the letter, I’ve used a tab to cover it up.  What I did cover up is a typed name, phone, and email address.  But that is where my sense of gentlemen-ness ends.  This is stupid exponentially.  It’s unsigned, no memo or letterhead, honestly, it’s a letter that was prepared by somebody in the 6th grade.  And this person is going to convince me (you) to sell them your property……or call them…..or send them an email…….if this person can pull off even one deal, it’s a miracle.  Or it’s the most brilliant marketing piece ever, and I’m the fool here.
I guess I’m being old school here, because if you type a letter to someone, have the sensibilities to take the time to sign it, with a pen!

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