New Broker at CORE

I was down south a few weeks back, taking care of some family issues, and also finding some time to visit a few places in California wine country.
At one particular vinyard, I met the chappy in this photo.  We struck up a chord, found out we both like movies, real estate, and wine.  So while chatting, I decided to see if he wanted to do some part time work for me up here in Portland.
One thing lead to another, and bam……here he is.  A real closer, hard to say no too, and he’s got my back :).
All kidding aside, you movie afisciandos may recognize him……a Francis Ford Coppola character…….I’ll leave you hanging.  This vinyard “he” is at, quite a spectacle, not a Napa castle type spectacle, but the entire property certainly has a presence.
That particular day, very fun, enjoyable, and who knows, Core might have a new broker in the house!

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