Holy Toledo-Not Ohio I Dare Say

Not much really can move me in property management concerns.  I’ve seen and heard just about all I can ever imagine…..until I walked thru a property last week.  And this is a new one for sure, top 10, top notch, best of 5, almost numero uno…….ok, I hope by now you get it…….this is ground breaking, a new high……er…….new low.

Zoom the photo if you can.  It’s a down spout on a property.  It’s sort of there……..er…….kind of………..half of it is so rotted away, it’s literally like mother nature has sliced it into two and the back half of the down spout is there, but the front half…….poof.  Gone.

And it’s so gone, it’s basically art.  The kind of art where you travel down in SW America, Arizona comes to mind, where artists basically take a piece of steel, beat the pulp out of it, throw it in the back yard for…..like 5 years…….then mount it on a pedestal or stand, then ask $10,000 for it, and somebody in Sedona buys it.

This is also sustainable as well, because this owner is using all of the downspout, the first half, now the back or second half, depending on how you look at it.  The whole thing, is getting used.

Now for the truth, this is pushing beyond frugal, it’s just wrong.  I’m a champion of all things real estate, and I get the concept of wanting your money out of something, but this is taking it beyond normal, beyond proper, just way out of bounds.

But hey, to each their own.  And it’s proof if you do nothing long enough, it looks like art……

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