Trees are great, till they do this!

I like trees.  OK, I love them.  We need them.  They need us.  They breath.  We breath.  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is how I think it goes…….not sure, I’m a real estate guy, not a scientist……I’ve long thought of them, just like us, all shapes, all sizes.   Just like people……..did I say that already?  And now that I’m on a roll, how can they not talk to each other, there is just too many of them not to have some connection point, somehow, some way……..

Not trying to get weird on us here, so let me get back on task.  Trees are pretty.  Majestic.  Big.  Small.  Ornate.  My favorite, either the Magnolia tree when in full bloom, or the delicacy of the Japanese Maple, in all sizes……and especially when they are trimmed in a shape shifting way.  I dug up a small one once, Japanese Maple that is, and transplanted it… was heavy, really heavy, my back still hurts……….

I grew up in Southern Oregon, so not all that far to the Redwood Forest in Northern Cali.  I gotta tell you, this area is mind boggling beautiful, stunning, huge, the species of wood is just magical to my eye.  It’s just extraordinary to see this area, the Trees of Mystery is god like, in a non-denominational kind of way :), sort of like Zeus and Apollo and other Greek and a Roman God or two, and then some…….god like kind of way.

There are Maples, what a beautiful wood……then the Doug Fir, huge, majestic, but what about the Cedar Spruce, wait…….yellow pines when we were back east a bit ago……..darn it, I just like/love them all.  Even the annoying Birch tree in our yard which has to be pushing 60 feet in height, that every time the wind blows, sheds so many twigs, why isn’t this tree bald by now?  Not sure why, but my roses under it grew really well, and I’m pretty sure they talk to each other as I talk to all of them from time to time.

So one short blog ago, I talked about what never amazes me, and what did in that blog is a down spout…….then a few days after that, this tree happens……the tenants call me, and tell me the house next door had a tree incident.  Then the insurance company referred contractor calls me and wants access thru “our” yard to get to the house in question, because a tree went over and literally jacked the house 3 feet in the air.

Now I’m on the phone thinking good neighbor thoughts, we’ll allow access, we just want a little love on the put back when they are done, and I tell the contractor…….3 feet eh……..and he says, yes……and I’m thinking this is a bit of an exaggeration…….till I got over there yesterday and looked at it, and it’s the photo we share now, and I’m in utter disbelief on how this happens……….and wow, it really is jacked 3 feet in the air. The stump of the tree is huge, the house is literally cracked in half, and I’m thinking man-kind one, mother nature 1.5…….

So here is my point though, sustainability is great, till the tree is one foot from your house, and 50 feet tall.  Cut it down, it’s too much of a good thing.   Or get a new house next wind storm.  If you don’t cut,  the tradeoff is you get to live in a motel for 4 months while they rebuild.  Your call here Mr or Mrs Homeowner, all I know, is I want a photo if you don’t cut, after the next wind storm.


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