Think Smart……Huh?

One of the things that is sort of gripping me these days, is the question Why?  Why you say……..exactly I say…..why?   Not what, not how, albeit those are really good questions too but for me………it’s Why?  My station in life perhaps is centered around this now, and the question of Why happens in my own mind everyday……like Why do I like Snoop Dog and Jazz?   Why don’t I eat more vegetables?   Why do people do what they do?   And the most proverbial of all questions, Why ask Why?

So one thing that gets our youngest son to roll his eyes (he’s a senior in high school this year) is when I get all philosophical on the drive to and from school about Why?  There are so many why’s out there for me, but today on the drive home, I hit the jackpot!   I saw a Smart Car and a Think Car side by side……and I just said to myself drag race…..seriously though, I thought Why?

Now before I get into this and anger the 12 people on the planet who bought a Think Car, or the 132 that bought a Smart Car, let me explain and you can then send me a note, and answer the Why for me.    But first, for my 3 readers out there, if you don’t know what a Think Car is, picture a Smart Car made in Russia, and voila, you have a Think Car.  I’ve attached a photo for your viewing pleasure, there’s the happy chappy now…….look closely and you can clearly see he’s THINKing why did I do this…….

Now comes the Why but with a What……..what compels a person to buy a car, that is ugly, super small, and gets no better numbers in terms of “fuel mileage” than say a Nissan Leaf?  OK, the Leaf is no beauty queen either, when I first saw it I was like OH MY…….but it seats 4……and the prices are arguably the same, I think…..I tried Googling it a little, lost patience, and then asked Why did I lose patience :)………but I’m pretty sure a Leaf is in the same ballpark as the Think.  So it made me Thunk…….why not ask why?

Now for the Smart Car, it is sort of a stylish vehicle in a “I sliced my car into two and this is what’s left” of it kind of way.  Years ago a guy named Jack Reynolds played in the NFL, nickname was Hacksaw…..for cutting a car into two.  No joke, Google him and you’ll see what I mean.  So everytime I see a Smart Car, I think of Hacksaw Reynolds!  At any rate…….er………gas mileage is OK, seats two, perfect for any Suburban to drive right over the top of it……in a “did anyone feel that bump?” kind of way………and I’m thinking, Prius dude, or you name it Ford, Chevy, Fiat whatever, there are a ton of cars out there, that have four seats, and get much better gas mileage… I again pose the question……..wait for it……….why?

I’ll end with this, by answering the question Why, I Think I’m now Smarter.

Happy Holidays.

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