Roomba is Billy

I’ve tagged this Sustainability, and Personal.   Ok, I lack creativity at the moment.  Whatever.  And sustainable, I don’t know what can be sustainable about a vacuum cleaner, except when Billy is running in the house, I run outside, and hug our pine tree.  So there.

Here’s the deal though, Roomba to the fam, Billy to me, this thing is hilarious, crazy, mind boggling, and it works.  The house has never been cleaner.  We have a Dyson.  Problem is, you have to actually operate it.  It does a fantastic job, as long as someone is driving it.  Billy, on the other hand, heads on out, does his thing, goes back to home base, comes back out, and does it again.  All for no pay, no need to thank him, he just rolls on out, and does what he does, with a cute little toot/tune.

Here is the really fun part, if you watch Billy, it’s the craziest thing ever.  There is just no pattern to it.  It zags when it should zig, zigs when it should zag…….we all vacuum roughly the same way.  Some of us do rows, some of us do a spreading pattern, but in the end, it’s a pattern.  Billy, he’s got no pattern, it’s the funniest thing to watch……….and most maddening thing too, because Billy will drive on by a “chunk” of dirt, several times, while I’m saying “turn left you idiot” yet he eventually gets the pile…..and why am I talking to a robot that is a vacuum…….there is a crazy madness to it and there is some software/laser engineer out there, having a great little chuckle about this all.  I’m very certain about that.   But kudos to him or her, they have a little fun, we get a clean house, everyone wins.

Billy has gotten stuck under a coffee table, so he’s not perfect.  I’d suggest he was a bit over motivated to clean under there……then one time I swear he spent an hour under a bed, only to run out of juice, and us having to hunt him down.   What was he thinking…….

I’m not saying anyone should buy a Billy, I’m saying we did.  Was it worth it…….yes.  Is Billy in the will, no……..but if he keeps on cleaning, he might be………

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