Slow Down to Get a Deal

This past weekend I held an open house.  At the open house was my associate broker, myself of course, and a lender.  All of us, good guys, we love our craft, and we actually want to help people.

But people continue to marvel me, because generally speaking now, people act like they don’t want help.   I actually think they do want help, but they get so focused on running thru a house to see if it matches their paradigm rather than slowing down for 30 secs and see if the two brokers and the lender, have something of value for them.  Interesting perspective if one considers this, as we did and still do, have good value for them to utilize.  The opportunity isn’t the house, it’s the human capital that was standing right in front of them…..

About half way thru, we got crushed with people, so it was a little difficult to talk to every single person there in detail, but I know for myself, no less than 4 times, I was able to get information to the effect that folks were looking for a 2 bedroom house……which is interesting, because this was a 4 bedroom house…….so why are you here……..but all four of them, so focused on the house, they didn’t stop to hear what I had to say……which was I have 2 other properties, nearby, that are 2 bedroom houses.   So while those four parties are so intent on the house that didn’t even suit them, they all have/will have missed the chance on the other two…………

Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m not disappointed nor trying to be negative, but if people would just slow down for a second or two, and talk to each other, it might be surprising on what is said and heard.  And it might just be a whole lot better than a dot on the IPAD of a map of open houses……because the hunt isn’t the house, the essence and the value is the quality of the journey.



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