Perfection is a Must-OK, my ideal anyway

In any given moment, I believe and feel I’m in good order. Of clear mind and spririt.  A ton of happy tenants, happy clients, and all things happy.  But alas, I’m a realist, this is not truly the case some of the time.

In truth, I’ve got at least one or two tenants, at my throat at any given point in time.  Not in a kill or be killed kind of way, more like I don’t like………Mr. Manager, I’m not sending rent to you kind of way…….or you just are not on the A-list right now dude…….however you want to put it, I’m just not it.   Which does bother me a bit, because I want to be it…….but I also know that sometimes, life’s circumstances just make it the way it is……I’m compensated to do what I do, and I know this makes me the point of contact, which isn’t always pleasant.

Right now, I have a couple of residents a bit riled up with me.  Not a personal thing, just a moment of circumstances, building furnaces, gutters, just things that have nothing to do with people, but it has to do with me, and what I can and will do.  And trust me in this, I will do the right thing every single time.  Owner, tenant, neighbor, I’m clear in this, I will do hold true to what is proper, to the best of my abilities.  But darnit, sometimes the events are complicated, owners need time to digest, and we all just can’t move fast enough to be perfect. Gutters are EZ, furnaces are far more complicated…….

Last year we hit a super cold spell, 10 degree days, end of over end.  Our furnace in our home happen to short out (the motor), and we have a specific contract with the HVAC company that services it.  We are supposed to be a priority service call, and we were…….they fixed it, but it literally broke again within a few hours of the tech leaving……we called again for service, and I remember the dispatcher asking me……can you wait at all, we have a huge list of folks out of heat……..and I said yes.   We have a gas fireplace, no way it can heat any real part of our house, but in front of it, we were warm.  And under covers in bed, or in full sweat gear, we could manage.  And so we did.

Our furnace was finally fixed, but I remember how hard it was to wait the three days for service, and how grateful we were, when it was finally fixed, the 2nd time in full.   One can go hungry, but heat is the biggy if I had to pick……

Here is the wrap up on this all, management is EZ, until it’s not.   Throw a timeline wrench into it, and it gets complicated real quick.  For me, I can manage all steps as they come, I just wish I could be perfect in every way possible, but I’m only perfect in some ways…..


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