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And just like for any buyer, as a selling client, it doesn’t matter to us if you are selling a 2 bedroom house, or a 50 unit apartment building, we are here for you with equal energy and zest.

Staging a Listing-Time Value of Money I think this is a really good article & synopsis to read.  I hear agents/realtors say both sides, but the key here isn’t a bigger price, it’s a quicker sale. Quicker sale means quicker access to the equity of a property, which in time value of money means greater return on investment.  For a […]

Are there any transfer taxes involved in property sales in Oregon?

There is no city, county, or state property transfer tax in the state of Oregon with the exception of Washington County. Washington County assesses a tax of $1 per thousand. The standard practice is to split this tax 50/50 between the buyer and seller.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is an investment tool that should be used when someone wants to buy and sell more property. Instead of selling, paying taxes, and then acquiring other properties, you can avoid the tax payments by exchanging properties. The basic rules are: Something must be given away, and something received The exchanged property must […]

What do I get when I hire you?

You get me front and center every step of the way. If selling, I prepare a full marketing package for your property. The data is then fully propagated throughout multiple websites via the RMLS and all other sister websites. If buying, you’ll get detailed market data on whatever property type we are looking for, so […]

What’s the difference between you and other brokers?

The honest answer is technology pretty much makes all brokers equal, at least in terms of getting information out to and in from whatever market is the target market. The difference is we will empower you with all the information up front, coming and going, so you can make an equally informed decision on our […]