Oh My and Good Golly

I’m now entering my 24th year in the real estate business.  And I’d like to think I’ve seen it all, but this property I was in………really takes the cake.

Whatever you think the pictures appears to be, make it 10 times exponential.  It was the most trashed, thrashed, mold ridden, dryrot, wet rot, just the grossest bathroom I’ve ever seen.

And the topper here, the rest of the condo looked not much better.  The kitchen was full of mold, water had been leaking in there for years, the floor was disgusting, I must say, the things I sometimes have to do for clients is mind boggling…….

I am not sure if people truly lived in this property at the state that I saw it, but even at half that state, the things we do to ourselves, it’s a true headshaker.

I left the property after walking thru it for less than 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it.  Within a half hour, had a sore throat……thank goodness, it went away after a couple of hours.

I happen to be in another property that was close to this condition though, about mid-recession, single family house……I open the door, the smell of mold and just wet soil hit me like a sledge hammer….I went in, took one look of the interior wall with more mushrooms on it than any forest floor has ever had……INTERIOR WALL…………and out the door I went.

At any rate, I have to say…….each day for me, I always wonder if the prior one can be topped, and in enough time, yes it can!