Tough Kid Playing a Tough Game

Not many come tougher than this kid.  Zoom the photo.  Look at the shoe on the left foot-leg.   Still has a monster forehand when he can get planted correctly, but I’ll say, a bit nerve wracking for me to watch, and lecturing him about not pushing off, landing weird, or even reaching for the ball…..if it came to him, hit it.  And if not, then wait for the next one!

This kid also serves our country in the Navy.   And we had the good fortune to hit together at an absolutely beautiful place called Little Creek Tennis Club.  Some nice gents stopped to watch us all hit (there were 3 of us there), and I have to say, we are pretty good at this craft, and we gave em a good showing.

This kid happens to be our oldest son, and his service to and for our country makes his mother and I quite proud.   His passion for tennis, though he can’t play it much, and hardly at all with the leg boot-cast, is something I just marvel at.  One day he may still play collegiate tennis, but at this moment, the pathway is a fantastic journey that he’ll never forget.

Way to go Todd!


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