Portland Seller Services

Read below for process and function, the how to map of “start to finish” from initial contact, evaluation, then execution to closing.   Click on the button immediately below to input your property data so we can perform the valuation of your plex.

Plex Evaluation Form

The goal here is simple, maximizing your sale price any and every way possible. We certainly don’t make the market, but we’ll bring the market to you. We will provide you with relevant market data to make sound selling decisions. And once a transaction starts, we will provide all the contract expertise necessary to navigate the timelines in the quickest time frames possible. As a selling client, it doesn’t matter to us if you are selling a 2 bedroom house, or a 50 unit apartment building, we are here for you with equal energy and zest.

Introduction & Consultation

  • Visit the property, discuss your goals and answer any questions
  • Do a comparative marketing analysis for your property
  • Meet a second time to discuss pricing strategy

Commitment to Move Forward

  • Agree on a listing price
  • Review and sign listing agreement
  • Create customized marketing plan that suits your goals

Prepare for Market

  • To sign or not to sign, is a good question. It will depend on you. We will make a recommendation, but you’re the boss, so we’ll do as you desire.
  • Whether a single family home or 50 unit apartment building, we will create marketing materials that are uploaded online to numerous websites showing all potential suitors why this property should be top of mind.
  • Go time! The listing goes live. We’ll keep you up to date every step of the way.

When an Offer is Submitted

  • Promptly send you the offer contract and discuss all relevant and negotiable terms. Counter offer recommendation on all terms and conditions, if and/or necessary. All details are thoroughly discussed to your satisfaction.
  • We’ll be there every step of the way after mutual acceptance, monitoring inspections and appraisals, if necessary
  • No property is perfect; many times buyers want to negotiate repairs. We will guide you thru what’s real and worthy of consideration, and what is not if inspection findings by buyers generate counter addenda/proposals. In short, we’ll cut thru the emotion and give you the facts to respond.

We’ll work diligently from start to finish, to insure your smooth transaction. We believe in a holistic approach, that means all parties must get what they desire for the end to be achieved for all. We will walk that line for you every step of the way.