Portland Real Estate Scenarios

Exterior - Great Shot 2

SW Troy Triplex

Non-conforming four units, needed to be remodeled back to 3 legal units. Asking price, $379,900. Working as the buyers agent, we achieved a final purchase price of $250,000. Post closing, assisted the buyer…

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Portland buyer agent

SW 34th 4-plex

Just your typical four unit TH style property, averaging $700 per unit in rent. Working as the buyers agent, was able to get it purchased for the client, and with a remodeling budget of $50,000, the new…

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SE 51st 4-plex

Affectionately known as Area 51, this property was listed, and working as the buyers agent, we had to await a response from the bank, via short sale. To no avail, by 2007, it was foreclosed upon. But with…

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SE Holgate Triplex

Blazing a trail in late 2007 despite the crashing economy, this property was purchased for $262,500. Each unit was rented for $600. A complete renovation was undertaken ($75,000), and all three units re-…

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SW Portland House

Perhaps the most tragic of transactions to consider, this property was the scene of a murder (early 2000’s). Within a few months of the unfortunate event, the property was put on the market. It was/is…

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Old Town Beaverton Duplex

Total renovation, inside and out.    4 weeks of contractor work, 1 week of planning, 1 week of rent up.    And the stats are old rent of $795, new rent of $1200 per side!

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